August Garage of the Month

The August Garage of the month is a fantastic 945 square foot garage that we coated with a Chip Floor in the Indianapolis color! It is in North Bend Washington which is also where I live. My wife and I have lived here for a long time. Now our kids’ friends (which the owner is) are buying houses, and settling down here as well. It’s been good for us, and it seems like it is good for them! Now back to the garage. This is a boat guy! And, when I say boat guy, I mean it. He not only owns this tremendous boat that you see in the pictures. But he also buys and sells boats as his side hustle. I’ve only been to his house a couple of times and have seen 3 fantastic boats. Two Natiques and a Cobalt Very, vey cool indeed! He uses the garage as a shop. We refer to our shop guys as “Tinkerers”. I am also a proud member of the Tinkerer’s Club. He buys the boats, fixes them up, cleans them up and then sells them. In other words he is out there tinkering with the boats all the time if he is not busy on the lake. We usually recommend the Indianapolis color to our Tinkerers. The reason is that when your working on stuff like this you don’t want to loose little items in the background of a chip floor. The Indianapolis color does not have any black chips in it. The black chips do a great job of hiding dirt and all sorts of other things. But, if you don’t want anything hidden on the floor like a little nut then get “Indy”. This is a great floor in North Bend for one of my kids’ friends. This month is dedicated to our “Tinkerers” and we are having fun doing it!