July Garage Floor of the Month

Kaity & Shree
Garage Floor of the Month! The Garage Floor of the Month is awarded for varying reasons. It might be the coolest garage. It might be the coolest car. It might be the fanciest house. It might be a good old fashioned great floor. OR it just might be that special customer who treated us great, had a fun personality, the floor turned out great and we just enjoyed working with them. Kaity and Shree are that couple. They were fun, fun, fun from the first conversation. Kaity drove a hard bargain. We had a cancelation to fill in just a few days and I had no work for my crew on a Thursday. Kaity said she would take that slot but, I had to throw in free bling! “What,” I said, “free bling??” “Yep, free bling, take it or leave it.” Bling. After mumbling bad words under my breath, we headed down to the bling shop and bought some bling. Bling is the thing, I guess. What we call “Bling” is a secret ingredient of multi sized, chromatic, hexagonal glitter. We incorporate it into the topcoat over the chips. These are Aliphatic Polyurea Polyaspartics that we get from South Fork Concrete Coatings www.sfconcretecoatings.com When the floor is finished it has this sparkly look. The sparkles change color as you walk around the floor. They show up best under good old fashioned Cool White Florescent Tube Lights. It makes the floor look spectacular! Unfortunately, the sparkle does not show up on the camera. So, you must see it in person. After Kaity drove such a hard bargain, I was very cautious. Often when customers drive a very hard bargain, they treat our crews poorly. The crews at Integrity Garage Floors www.integritygaragefloors.com are some of the finest people it’s ever been my pleasure to be around. It makes me very mad when they are treated poorly. Fortunately, that happens very, very rarely. And, I will say it is usually my fault because I didn’t help the customer understand the reality of coating concrete. In the next life I’ll try to be more perfect. For now, we are just humble painters. Kaity and Shree treated our crew like family. Big smiles, the atmosphere was happy, and we just had fun with them. She offered us cokes, water, margaritas (unfortunately, we had to decline). The best part was when we showed them the floor and how happy they were. Cool people, cool garage, GREAT FLOOR with lots of BLING and fun, fun, fun made Kaity and Shree’s the garage of the month!

Garage Floor of the Month!

The Garage Floor of the Month


Cool People

Kaity and Shree