Operating Room

Operating Room

Think your garage floor is important?  We think so too.  But an operating room floor is even more important!

Along with garages and all kinds of other facilities i.e., Doggy Day Cares, Vet Clinics, Machine Shops, Jails, Morgues, Funeral Homes, and Strip Clubs to name a few, we also work on Medical Facilities.  Now, we understand that your garage floor is important.  But I am happy to say that an operating room floor is more important than your garage floor.  “Not Sorry!” 

An operating room is a special environment, and it needs a special floor.  Typically, the OR will have a tile or linoleum floor.  This does not make sense to me.  An OR needs a seamless resin floor.  The seam lines in the tile or linoleum can harbor bacteria.  I’m pretty sure that is not good.  Even if it is on the floor.

When medical facilities call us, they are usually looking for a seamless floor.  This is the best way to keep bacteria from growing in the floor.  No seams for it to grow in.  Just one monolithic floor that can be easily and readily cleaned.

It takes high standards, well-trained employees, the right equipment, and special know-how to work in this environment and many others. 

Of course, we also know how to work in your garage.  We are excited to work in your home and we’ll treat you and your garage as good as an OR.