Doggie Day Care Upgrades Concrete Floor

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At Integrity Garage Floors, we specialize in epoxy concrete floor coatings for homes and businesses. We’ve recently been receiving a lot of phone calls from doggie day cares. They’re searching for epoxy coatings for their kennels that are easy to clean and keep sanitary.  Which makes total sense considering everyone we know that adopted a dog […]

Supreme Work Out Space

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Today we are featuring a Supreme Work Out Space. Lately we have had a lot of emphasis on work out areas in the garage.  Epoxy Garage Floors make for a great home gym floor surface and it’s no surprise to us. This past week we installed a floor for Tove Aaronson.  She has a […]

Realtors and my smart remark

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A Smart Remark: I made a smart remark the other day about realtors having an easy time of it the last few years.  I made it to an old friend from college whose garage we had turned into a great garage with garage floors and garage cabinets .  Well, Pam is not only […]

Integrity Garage Floors Top 10 Questions

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Answers to Integrity Garage Floors Top 10 most frequently asked questions! Follow these guidelines to make your installation day a success. What Time will you arrive?  Our Technicians will arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. How long will it take?  Most Garage Floors that are under 900 square feet take about 8 hours to complete.  […]